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Hi Guys, I have a list of custom attachments that are for sale if anybody is interested in any of the items just drop me a mail.

Please note the models in the pictures are just first drafts and the actual attachments are of great detail and I am expecting them from the casters mid-week and will ost further pic's when they arrive!

Tiltable quick hitch for JS330




Bug type quick hitch


Pallet forks for JS330




Rock, Ditching and trenching buckets for JS330


Hyd hammer for JS330


Long reach boom and dipper set for JS330



Quick hitch set for 3CX / JZ70 / JCB8060



I am also currently making a ripper tooth, sorting grab and muncher for the JS330 and also hyd hammer for 3CX / JZ70 and JCB8060.



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thanks again  ;D  , im not sure if they will fit the leibherr or the hitachi as i don't know the width of the dipper, but if u guys could tell me ill do some measuring ;) andif they are not going to fit i could make a ste for it as im prepared to try almost any attachment wanted.


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this is for Toyboy and Ben...let me know what u think!

that pic says it all js330, i think that this kind of addition to a standard model works wonders, just adds that bit more realism, 10/10 mate just perfect. Now the sucking up is out of the way  :D :D lets get down to brass tacs and talk cash ;)  any idea on price for the 3cx set?

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I love your work on those buckets and hitches,  I am going to have to buy a few more diggers to customise. I hope we get a good harvest in Canada this year with plenty of overtime.  I can see a few hundred $ of my pay cheque crossing the ocean on these and jcb's to put them on. keep up the good work. :)

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