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guys what do you recon to this?? bit undecided about it at the mo, pics i have for ref show the arches slightly different at the back,shorter over hang of the wheels , but to do that and remodel the cab is way to much work i feel, its on a 135 chassis with cut down ford bonnet (new 5000 ones) with a ford 7600 cut down front grill , repo arches and cab from a ford 7710 ect, wheels are 135 hubs with a set of uh 35 rear tyres on to bulk them out the standards looked way to skinny on it

still lots to do to it mind





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Looks proportionate mate, like all the pics people put up for Mart a year or two ago. Will be a nice wee model. Did you cast the cab yourself ir did you have to modify along under the windscreen? Looks like it has suffered a bit  :-\

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Ahha  :-* Seany comes over to the good side again and your most welcome matey  :-*

Looks a cracker to me  ;)

Wasn't my fave Ford the 3600 as we had a couple of probs (actually quite a few especially the gearbox)  :-[

But its Blue and has a Ford badge and decals so its a winner

Keep the updates coming Sean  ;)

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