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Mf 5480 with FEL

Do you think it looks as it should?  

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  1. 1. Do you think it looks as it should?

    • Yes ,leave it alone now
    • No, rebuild the valtra

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Ok guys havent seen this on here yet, ive been asked to have a go at one, here are some pics, ive used the valtra c loader, i thik the mf chassis is to tall for the loader, and the sub frame leans to far forward

Tell me what you think please guys, i dont do Mf so i dont know if its rite ::)



Shows how high the loader is off the ground with out the bucket tilted


So what do you think??

I think is wrong

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I like it Nick, not all loaders fit snugly up against the cab frame so I think you're being a bit hard on yourself classing it as 'wrong' - there's no such thing. Nice to see this done, particularly with such a good loader. The one off the Deutz K100 may have worked out better in terms of bracket position though maybe? Great work mate.

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I think it looks fine Nick, well apart from the massey bit...  :D :D

I know, green line has had 4 masseys in for work in the last month :o, must be getting a good name,

I lowred the front mout but 2-3mm, made all the diffrance, joel took it with him when he went home, so no more red stuff kicking around the workshop ;D

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