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Massey Ferguson 2680

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I started last week, with a new project. (my 8280 isn't ready yet, but I need to think some things for that tractor)

I use the following parts:

Fronttires: Deutz K100 UH

Rear: McCormick MTX 175 UH

Frontaxle: McCormick MTX 175 UH

Anyway; here are a few pictures:


With the steering axle.


Normal position


With rear mounting, it's gonna be the same system like Ziko used on his JD 3650.  ;)

Greets from (the sunny) Holland,


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Thanks for the comment, Lord Ferguson!

I'm gonna order new decals, new rearfenders, and I'm gonna paint the tractor in the right(and original) colors!  ;) I'm thinking also about a PMA rearhitch.



:o :o ... brilliant... I look forward to seeing this one the Neils... grey chassis then if it's an early one  ;);D
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Thank you for the reactions!

@Tractorman810: Sounds good, do you maybe have some pictures?

@Deere-est: I love 590's, my grandpa had one, so that's a tractor what becomes a new project.  ;)

I hope that the spraycans are at the dealer tomorrow, then I can paint the chassis, and make a start with the interior.

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sharp hobby knife and time along with plasters for slipages :D :D :D,

they are relativly simple to do, just keep scoring along the doors shape on the cab, and with care it will pop out after a few passes, i tend to put foam inside mine to stop the cab breaking as you push, for hinges i use 1/32nd thickness brass rod drilled into the cab at the top and the door and arch at the bottom, remember to drill the holes at angles to match the door cut out other wise it wont work right, 

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  • 11 months later...

What a dust!

But, it's almost finished!



The only thing there is to do, is getting the frontaxle(new one!, a Joal), to the chassis, and paint it, and make some end delays, to hide the screws.  :D


Pretty big tractor!  ;D:D

And the interior:


I hope you like it!

And do you maybe have an idea, what I can put behind this tractor?


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