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JD7830 gets wheels transplant

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Hi folks,

Ive been trying too improve my JD models again and this time its my 7830 model thats getting the treatment.  Ive already painted & improved front wheels & fixed exhaust stack in position (it was all over the place when I bought it >:() I also removed the original tyres & replaced them with siku MF8280s :)  but the rear wheels were originals & still sucked! 

So after a chat with Dave Towse I ordered a set of wheels removed from the JD 9530 artic(same as 8530 precision) These are exactly right :D so first job was too reduce the length of bar axle too a more realistic length.  "fetch the hacksaw"

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Next job was too paint the wheels with Revell lemon gloss :) then once this had dried I carefully painted the six oval holes black too give the wheels the right look ;) and then got the silver paint out for the many wheelnuts :)  attention too detail makes all the difference ;)

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With tyres fitted & a light coat of black paint on the bar axle I fitted the whole assembly into wheel shaft.  CAUTION if you do this convo you will need to file the spindle ends before pushing them into wheel hubs,  I didnt bother with first attempt & the wheel casting broke :'( thankfully I had bought 4 of them.  I also needed a spacer fitted on one side too stop wheels rubbing on mudguards.

Anyways heres the finished machine and I must say firstly it now looks right & secondly why didnt Britains fit these wheels in first place as the majority of 78/7930s ive seen have them on!

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