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A Little Tabletop Farming!

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Not sure if this is the correct place to put this, but a set up a little diorama on the table yesterday evening to get a few pics of some of my things.

Some are old and some are new, none are borrowed and two are blue  :D

First up Siku Unimog bought at a toyfair on Sunday for the equivalent of £2.40.

Like the other stuff I bought it was filthy but cleaned up a treat. Just needs a tailgate to complete.

Not the best pic I'm afraid, appear to have focussed on the rear wheel area...indoor picture, failing light, camera batteries running out  ::)


Another, farmer and lab are from my pre-collecting days, other stuff is all from my youth.


MF seed drill came in the same lot so another £2.40. This really was dirty and although it's had a quick clean on the main surfaces I need to spend more time on the underparts.


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Pigs must be hungry after 25 years in a box  ;D


Saddlebacks enjoying a root round stack and parked machinery.

Hay rake my original pre-collection so no box, spreader from ebay, bales £1.00 from toyfair, tyres from Shawnee Poole trailer.


My original Ford 5000 on £2.40 trailer, cleaned up a treat, just needs tailgate, means I can keep my original 8 wheeler boxed.

I'll get the Ford back out for some clearer shots sometime, it's all there just has rear wheel rot  :-[


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My first new purchase was this NH TN75DA on a Howard Rotary - £2.40 from toyfair.

Howard is all there but gears are rather worn, no problem as I'm probably past flailing prtend muck  :D


A blurry shot of my first ever Siku tractor.....nicely focussed on the seed drill though  :-\


And finally for today a size comparison, between what I believe is my first tractor and my last....wow this newer stuff is big  :o


Hope you liked  ;)

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