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A little blue!


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Hi all,

While waiting for my Forum tractor, I thought I'd clear a space on the shelf ready. Should have a nice blue line up by December :) :)

Posted a pic below of the line up:

DBP Ford 7610

DBP County 1174

G&B Roadless 120


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The 7610 is a nice model, it looks to be scaled just right. I don't know if it's made from scratch or converted from a base casting, but it's very heavy. The cab is glazed, the front weights removable and nice decals.

I met Dennis Goodburn some years ago when he launched the Roadless at Spalding, but could never quite get round to buying one. I thought that they were not made anymore, with Dennis's death, but found out earlier this year that his business partner has carried on with the build. You can now buy them through Brian Norman. This one was a 40th birthday present from my family, this year.



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Blimmin marvelous!! Like all three but the 7610 is my favourite too. Is it a ruby cube?!!

no the 7610 had the straight forward 'H' pattern box ,the 6610 had the rubik cube type ,awfull when you're not used to it but smoother than the 'H' when you got the hang of it .

spent 2 years at a crop drying plant driving one , poor little tractor pulled its guts out & went through 3 engines in one year powering a jag 45 forager in the mornings & a tarrup 307 auto-swather in the afternoon from may till november :-\

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