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case ih 1460 axial flow....

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.........shall it be someday  :D

well this is my project for the rain days in the summer.

a case ih 1460 axial flow combine.

ok i wannt to do some lill thinks on the red one.

like other wheels,new header,grain hopper extension,steering axel and for sure new paint  ;D

hope all works and here the first pics








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Cor, Thomas strikes again, this, I've no doubt, will be another stunner. The base model is a bit of a lemon but with the quality of your work I expect this to turn into a very desirable model. Get cracking Thomas, harvest's on it's way!!!

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Will you add a set of them spining discs to the back to spread the straw?Would finnish it of a treat I think. :) :)

coming soon,mate  ;)

still have to do some harvest.harvest is in full swing here in germany ;D

just one day off today,for grandpas burial  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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Thomas is having issues posting new pictures to the thread..I told him I would see if I could get it.  Im not sure what all has been posted since Im to lazy right now..but here goes..

here some news about the combine.

i chang the interrior of the cab.

and fit the handrails on.also some news on the grain hopper





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