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NC Tanker (A Test Really)

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Well I picked up a plastic looking New Ray tanker in silver with pictures of cows on it with no hitch whatsoever at a bootsale a while back. I initially bought it just to practice my spraying on it (Got plans for my twin axled Joskin) so was going to experiment with this tanker.

Took the stickers off, took the pipes and lid off and done a primer coat in white (Didn't really need it, but I am experimenting!)

Then done 2 coats of red. After I done that I was pleased and got carried away  ::) ::):-[:-[

I made a new hitch, painted the other parts, found some different wheels, and badged it as an NC.

I know this looks probably nothing like an NC tanker, wrong colours and all sorts I bet, but I don't often make something i'm half proud of and this I am  ;D (Quite sad really I know!)

So without further ado, let me know your thoughts  :)

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