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Model farming diary - August 2008


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I may start building a shed with sliding doors (like jez's,hopefully) for the start of my contracting and country services firm.

Could take a while though :(

mine took a year on and off....so dont worry!!

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nothing going on here at the mo but mum's just reminded me that i'd do a small display for her village flower & vegetable show  :o

think i'll just do another spud one like last years toy-trac  :-\

how is mum Marcus??, still got the tractor you painted?? ??? ???

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well with this weather not much down at Lower White Hill Farm is going on trying to do theharvest but just not the weather but today drying out so might be able to start late and go through the night but who knows at the moment the cobines just sat in the yard  >:( >:(>:(

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Putting the last of the plants for the season in the ground as well as harvesting up some crops. Cleaning up the farmyard and getting ready for the final harvest as well.  :)

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