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My best friends new tractor A Ferguson 35 Goldtummy ???

Johny mf

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Wel it has not the right colours at the moment but it is an Ferguson FE 35

He tradet the tractor for an MF155 and he is verry happy whit the FE 35.

Here are some photo's off her (not the best qualaty but it where already late in the evening.


And whit my friend the happy owner.


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How did I miss this post... sorry Johnny...

She looks nice mate... as you say.. wrong colour (Oooo that does make me cross when people do that) ... does she start ok mate ??? - the FE35 are well known to have cold starting problems over here... it's usually engine timing related so I am told

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No problem Mate ;)

Wel iff he start it he must use starting cabels whit the car.

But when plugged inn it starts perfect (but it isnt cold at the moment in holland!)

He want to restore the tractor to its original state when it where new!

I shall take some pictures during the restauration because he dousnt have a camera.

and he don't has internet!

so i think i will post some pics soon off it because he has already taken the bonnet and the radiator off!

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