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1:32 Claas Senator...

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Well, it's been raining on and off today so no combines to chase, and as Dani is doing her college work in the office I've joined her and got my tools out and been 'creating'...

First off, scratch building the basic structure...



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Malc! You make it sound so simple!!!

I've spent soooo long today looking at Senators and Mercators I bet I have nightmares about them... Perhaps a white Lexion 600 will come and resuce me from their evil clutches.

This red wine is nice...! ;)


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Despite the excitment of riding the 600 today (see Combines 2008 for everybody thread) I've done a little more on the Senator...

Needed some drive belts so the engine could be connected to something... and an unloading auger with the weird Senator/Mercator swivel mechanism.



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What do you have planned for the header then Malcy? Apart from that it looks like there is very little left to finish this beauty off 8)


One header - based on a Siku header, chopped to 4.5" to make a 1:32 scale 12ft cutter bar. Not overly happy with the reel - I can see that getting some more attention after the drivers platform has been sussed.

Right - I've got a drivers platform to think about! ;)




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