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Some pics while out and about (a mixed bag to suit most)


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I was pleased to see them as mostly its all Lexions and i had already seen a TX66 earlier but was gutted that i was unable to get any pics so this made up for it ;D ;D

You should come up to Angus in Scotland mate, the place is full of New Holland TX, CX and CR Models......I can think of one or two Lexions, a couple of John Deere's and one Massey the rest are all New Holland (that I know of with big farmers anyway)...... :) :)

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Jeeez, you have seen some serious kit over recent times. Love the big JD working down rape stubble infront of the combine. As for the ones on the balers. ... .. I am trying to picture them towing Bunning spreaders . .. . Oh how I wish!!

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That is a 'side knife' Luke. Especially for Oilseed Rape which grows in a tangled mess. Without it the crop dividers and reel arms get tangled up with huge heaps of crop torn out of the ground. Some people use one either end, others just one on the side of the header. This means you can only harvest clockwise around the field though, although you can put the end without a sideknife in a tramline to open a field up into lands. :)

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