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Park by my mail box at your own risk.

Light Land

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Parking any tractor by my mail box is makes it a prime target for a once over by ol and his camera.... ::)

This yoak turned up to help an 8130 plough a kale stubble paddock next to my house but your plum out of luck as I was runing low on time and theres only one picture to look at.Mind you that said having only one picture to look at will free up time for you too do abit more snooping about the

forum.Much like when a herd of cattle come into a new paddock and they keep walking around untill they find a patch of grass that looks good to them not that the grass they have been walking over is no good it just did'nt catch there eye.

We'll buy now you'll have read that and thought what the f...... is he on about we'll the truth of the mater is people on a forum are much like cattle in a paddock.You'll have to do one of three things now, the frist being click off thread and keep hunting for threads that catch your eye the second being post this face  ::) and then carry on with number one the 3rd would be to take a second and think of the forum like a paddock of grass that keeps getting bigger,although your hungry for grass you now find your self wandering the paddock looking for something lush to get into were as when the paddock was smaller you the cow were happy to eat any grass because thats all there was.

ta da..DSC01950.jpg

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you been on the old fizzy pop ol :D :D great pic mine dven if i cant really understand the text with it

Simple englich translation,

The forum is so big now that it feels like a waste of time putting pics up as the topic never goes past 1 page like it did in the good old days

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That was just the ramblings of a joker that over thinks every thing.Don't loss any sleep over it.

The plough was a 7 furrow Tris with a home made press on the side.The contractor often has the 8130 ploughing with a 8 furrow G&B with furrow cracker and this 8200 pulling a set of G&B discs and roller working down the land.

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