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How to order gandm farm models


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Um this may be a numpty.Im a bit confused at how you order off of gandm farmmodels. I went to order form but you had to put the price of the model. Well the price is £36.50 put thats not got the postage on top so should i put it without the postage ??? ???. I emailed them about what the postage cost is but no reply ???. Is it best to ring them tommrow and order it that way ;):)

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Last time I ordered from G & M I rang and spoke to them, the price they quoted over the phone was less than advertised on the website. Order placed at 1pm and delivered at 11am the following morning... well impressed  :) :) :) :) :) :)


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Fill the order form out, they will/should return the price with postage added on for you to confirm and pay. Or, ring up. I rung last week about the combines and the deal was done in 5 minutes Ad.  :)

Brill thanks Tris, i will ring them ;):)

I did send the email this morning so they should have seen it  ;):)

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