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I'm sure I'm not the only one on here using GPS but here's a pic of the display from the other evening.

The covered area is yellow, red lines are previous passes, blue lines those to come.

LEDs at top indicate offline - three greens in centre means dead on, 12 reds to each side indicating how far off mark.

It does a whole lot more too - a great bit of kit.  :D


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Anyway... never mind that Mr Cranberry... what's that warning light on below the GPS  :o :o

Just the PTO indicator - it's actually amber.  ;)

Was you using it for spraying then? Whats it like to set up?

I was spraying on tramlines but running it to see how it works. Dead easy to setup, and I'm overlaying the maps from here onto my mapping program and they are spot on. Going to use it for just about everything from now on.  ;D

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Thats what the farmers down here need John. Being so close to Salisbury Plain you can't use a good old tree or a bush for a marker point because quite often it is an army landrover or a soldier and they bu66er off half way through or move deceptively slowly  :D :D :D

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looks a bit techno to me john , you sure you know how to use it & have you got the emergency number to the 7 year old at the primary school to re-programme it when it goes wrong  :-\

all hi tech stuff john ,was this part of a package for the tractor ? or a separate purchase  for just acurately mapping the farm ? :)

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