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Suton Yard Brush Spare Part Misery


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When I received my Suton brush after winning it on Ebay I was a little annoyed to find a previous owner had glued the tow hitch to the body, as I had worked out you could have it in different positions. I had a look underneath, and there seems to be some circular retaining clip or spring missing.

Does anyone know where I can get one of these (short of pirating a complete one) or what is the best alternative? I looked for some small washers in my local Travis Perkins then a plumbers supply shop, but nothing would fit ..

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The grip washer that pushes over the pin under the yard brush is the same ones that are on the Acrobat hay rake, handle on the Mule-dozer and quite a lot of other Britain's implements of that period with moving parts, if I think of any more they're on I'll let you know. The spring is easy to replace, cut down an old ballpoint pen spring.

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have a look in halfords, as they do small clips ect like those, as for spring same as tim said really,otherwise if your going to spalding or toytrac, have a gander in the scrap  parts bozes most sellers have, bound to be a broken mueldoze linkage or similar in one always is when i have looked

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