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all go during a dry spell


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haven't put these pics in my journeys post, as i'm not at work while i take them !

me & mads went for a bike ride earlier & took me camera just incase we found a nice quiet spot  ;)we saw some action  :-\any harvesters were working  ;D

& low & behold there were , chuffed really as havn't really made time to go harvester hunting this year :(

TX62 being chased by an MF6480

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are you lot all barley men ??? no one at the second or third cut of silage ??? we were at it all last week... couldnt get any pics as i wuz flat out on buckrake. ill try to get some though for ya's

Some were at it near me in the night once combining stopped - most have stopped doing 2nd and 3rd cut as too expensive ;)

Nice TX 62 there Marcus - the smallest TX ;)

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I took my 3 year old son to see some cutting, that was with a TX didnt see what model it was as the light was fading, anyway when he came to empty in a trailer about 40 foot from where we were standing the header was up but still spinning and it did look big from there, my lad started crying and we had to go :'(. He loved the JD,s carting though.

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