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A trio of Lexions


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great pics!!!, you have all the luck!, i've missed so much due to work/weather!!

did the Lexion driver wipe the side so you could see the model number better ;) ;)

I only noticed that while looking at the pics on the pc and have no idea why the model number has been wiped clean :-\ :)

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Thats the first bit of baling ive managed to catch the rest is either still on the ground or the balers been in already :)

Yep, it is hard to catch a baler working here as well, specially those big squirebalers they are so fast they are gone before you know it.


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Managed to see this 8430 last night trying to get the muck worked in on this field that the lexions had finished but was having trouble with the rear discs clogging. I saw him again today but he was grain carting with the 8230 seen earlier but i was unable to get any more pics :(

Also saw the baler that was with them but he was too far away to get any decent pics :(







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