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Markies visit to a French MF Dealer 2008...

Lord Ferguson

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They have a few branches around the local area... this one has been here since 1919 if I am reading the paperwork correctly  :-[

I distinctly remember passing it on a trip to Brittany with my parents back in the late 70's  :)


Their vans look like this...


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Nope... that's totally alien to me... I'd never seen it until recently... doesn't look to be too safe either... that high up the axle ???

What would you tow with that hitch then... ???

Good pics there marky  did massey change paint colours or do they just fade that bad   ??? ???

Thanks.. I think its all the French sunshine they get  ;):D :D
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They tow trailers, bailers, tankers like the "normal" ones. You can move it down thow, the pins comme out and you can slot them in the lower holes, i'ts usually used for implements on wich you cannot change the height of the hitch. 

Ah.. I see... thanks... it's not something I've seen before - other than it on the options list for my 410  :-\
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Marky excellent pictures yet again, i've often seen a French dealership they always look pretty crammed  :) Those trailers do look nice as you said, and a nice selection they have there...especially the Fendt  ;)  :) Thanks for sharing the pics, hope you had a good holiday  :)

And that machine for picking out the fluff from Barrys butt is alot smaller than i'd thought it'd be  :-\

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Thanks Nick... kind words buddy... Not sure how much one of those trailers would weigh full up... any ideas ???

As for Barry's machine - advancement in medical science buddy...  ;) - Technically speaking... it's more 'microsurgery' these days.. hence the reduction in size I think  ;D

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