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masseys LRT 8690 ad-blu ?


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just seen the 8690 in CT magazine , & to keep in line with the emmissions it's fitted with a 370hp engine , & uses SCR technology, i'm not going to retype it all from the magazine , but basicly a liquid called Ad-blu, is injected into the exhaust thus lowering the emisions says here that AD-blu will cost about 40p per litre !

they said that to the road haulage industry when SCR was used with their trucks , but most cant seem to find it for less that 75ppl  >:(

but it will affect the engine performance if you dont use it , matter of fact , if you run out of blu it feels like the engine has blown it's turbo , quite disturbing when you dont know whats gone wrong , , but is ad blu all it's cracked up to be ? mate rob wookey , opperates an 07 reg V8 scania, with SCR tech & he fills the ad-blu tank up with water , & as long as the sensor is picking up liquid to be sprayed into the exhaust , the truck runs fine .

but i'm no mechanic , fine for now matbe , but i wouldnt like to bet on if it's going to be ok for the rest of the trucks working life of just ok till it goes bang

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There is a Topic on this already Moley. . . Somewhere. Re: Running out of ad blue. . I think it does mess things up yes. Rayners had an FH with it on as do many of their new units. Driver wasn't aware of the need to keep the tank topped up and drove on with just the derv. As I heard, it cost a few quid to sort it out. The engine, like Deeres which register a fault may back power off to protect itself though.

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[url=http://www.roadtransport.com/Articles/2007/12/14/129362/volvo-egr-beats-volvo-scr.html]Volvo EGR beats Volvo SCR

Earlier this year, the Wardle, Cheshire-based haulier turned its back on long-term truck supplier Volvo after discovering MAN's EGR-equipped TGA was 10% more fuel-efficient than Volvo's SCR-equipped FH. It placed an order for 60 TGAs on the strength of the trial.

"Volvo asked us if there was anything they could do to win back our business," says Boughey group fleet engineer Paul Brimelow. "We told them we wanted an EGR engine, and that's exactly what they gave us."

Ain't Google wonderful!  :D :D :D

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