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A contracting life for me


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Or kicking the mud around the yard getting bored  ::).So i thought i might try a diary of what's been going on around these parts and a few pics. I have noticed a lot of new members on ftf lately so perhaps a brief introduction. I work for a bailing contractor running 1 class 2100 1 class 3200 4 class 2200 big balers And my main job is a 435 welgar round baler.We run case 2 mx 135 one with loader 2 magnum 200 1 new puma 180 and the best till last my mxu 135 oh how could i forget the (groan) mickymacs 1 xtx185 1 xtx200 and a new jcb 310s 1 hs200 round wrapper 1 998 square wrapper both of mc hale fame plus we hire out bunning poo spreaders which also gives us work mowers are all kuhn 1 3mtr front 1 rear 6 mtr 1 3mtr 1 4 mtr plus a few other bits and pieces . So far this year i have round baled 1400 to date unfortunately most of the straw is being chopped  because of the weather  :o But we are slowly knocking up a few on the big balers

This last week has been a busy one for me choppin and changing like the weather ::)

last saturday started of round baling silage 700 of them then onto the wrapper he took my rig back to the yard so he could get off with a 2200 chasing some straw then i joined him with the puma( first drive) with a 2200



good wind blowing in the second pic

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Then sunday thought a day off (rain) then a call at 3pm just havin a nap too  ::) some round balin straw had come in 180 bales later  just off to another field rain had beeten me to it so at 7pm back to the yard yippee home boss man was waiting got some square wrapping come in .So off i go with xtx 200 and 998 started wrapping at ten 225 bales later at least 3 inch's of rain fell that always fell harder when i was out of the cab  ;D which was a lot due too bales sliding off the wrapper being wet and on a fair bank back in the yard 4.30 am Late start  ::) service r baler

Then back to my trimming till Friday



Call at 3pm fri got some r baling come in drop off trimmer on with bailer started at six 320 bales later getting damp 10.30 back in the yard

sat all day (groan )xtx185 and 2200 rained off at 7.30

today service all balers 

sorry if have bored anyone

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About time you started a diary topic Stevo. I'll enjoy this :) We were spreading up Steve Bensons last week near Marlborough.

I was baling for him with the puma at aldbourne last sat winter barley which should have been off two weeks previous

thanks You havent read it yet  ::)

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Bank Holiday monday apart from one 2200 everything else was flat out bailing last one got in about 11pm  ;D

Tuesday no rain but no straw to bail anyware  :o Because the weather is good for a few days farmers are waiting to get some really dry straw plus the moister is up around 18/20 % So off went the mower man about 2pm  ::)Followed by me on the mxu and rake.Demo puma 195 and 2200 and the old mx 135 loader on the 998 wrapping

xtx 185 on mower in the daylight


in the dark


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Thank you all for the positive responce. We are always busy  ::) No floaters yet more sinkers pushing the fuel bill up dragging the balers in the mud  :o No account with red bull on the run maybe ::)

Right back to last week new tractor turned up well y reg mx 200 3400 hrs on the clock so a good few years of life in her yet wendsday got out r balin at teatime 150 finished at 7.30 getting very damp.Thursday am got some 2100 silage done xtx 185 on baler me on the mxu and 998



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Sat the poo hit the fan big time (the sun came out) everyone wanted us on there farm at the same time fear of rain sat night time. I started at 8am got r baler ready to go out at 9.30 then sorted out the other r baler ready for a weekend driver so off we go at 10.30  ::)By the time i had set the other baler man up we got going at 11.30 by 3pm we had to move on in different directions

275 bails i did but pic will show why  ;D


i went off and did 10 acres of hay 60 bails then 20 more acres of hay 202 this time

then back to the yard at 11pm put the 998 on loaded up with 35 rolls of wrap  :o called in at home at 12.00 had my dinner and a fresh flask back out at half past night out loaming dropped off 30 rolls of wrapp at one job then went 1 mile up the road too wrap 167 bales then at 4am back down the road where 2 2200 had been and one 2100 487 bales later plus needed 8 more rolls to finish back in the yard at 1.30 pm today but

i am on hoilday for a week now yippee  ;D

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Like the 998 wrapping in stages Stevo. A weeks holiday? Your going to be totally lost mate, what you going to do with all the time?!

Going to wales on a five day break .So there is a downside no puter.But hopefully there will be plenty of photo chances (been warned already about wandering off looking at anything farm related) Went on me hols this time last year .And we had nearly finished but i know when i get back it will still be manic ::) Well I'm sure i can find plenty to do with my time (insert dirty grin smiley here)

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