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How to 'pimp' up a CX combine



I'd like to add a bit of detail to my CX combines; they really could do with new headers at some stage, but I also wanted to add the working lights, and other lights - does anyone have any hints how to make these and how to get plastic to stick to diecast metal?

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henri walker does some nice round and square working lights all jewled to, very effective, used them on my ford 6810 i did a while back on the cab top,think you can get white metal versions (not jewled  mind )from farmmodels.co.uk still in the spares bit

both henris and the other come with either plastic mounting point top and back (henris) so you cut of what you dont need, then drill a hole and glue, ,and the others have a fine brass rod out of them, so drill and glue again

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yeah no worrys, i use a set of 10 modeling ones cost me 6 quid in the local shop, deals with meatls no worrys, easy peasy mate

if unsure go to b&q and they sell proper meatl drill bits right down to 1mm dia ,but they cost about 4 quid for 2, compaired to these i have, which last as well

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Me again, after a few more bits of advice for this project!  Firstly, I thought I;d have a go at a header trolley so took a few photos of one...it doesn't look all that complicated, and think plastruct would be the way to go, but I could do with some advice on sizes to use - the model centre does sell a very limited range - well, I think one piece is more accurate!  Thats 8mm square section - I thought it would be OK for the main part, but while 8mm tall would be OK, it could do with being narrower...if you get my drift.

Attached are two photos of the trolley so you can see what I'm on about!



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