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Massey Deere

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Guest Fendt pwr

There are red JD's in Pottinger brocheres but I don't know if there red tractors or painted red by the computer ??? ??? ??? ???

I've seen that in lemken brocheres were they had a JD tractor coloured blue.
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Today I would like a few beautiful models offer first the John Deere

6920 S in white with TerraDas model completely was still converted and

all type-fair stickers again paint-naturally attached.                                       

Sales takes place under exclusion of any warranty - guarantee and

cancelling after new your-genuinly.

Dispatch insures within the FRG 7.00 foreign country on request

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Too many people with Star power dabbling with other peoples Posts!!!!!!!! ;) ;) ;)

I know my spellings bad, but even I wouldn't misspell my football team to make it read that!! ::) ::)

Watch out for the moderators everyone! :D :D :D::) ::)

I have changed it back!!!

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