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How many miles do you travel for photos


How many miles do you travel to take photos on a round trip  

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  1. 1. How many miles do you travel to take photos on a round trip

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in my "hot" times and when time and weather allows I cover up to 50 miles from home, but this is an exception. Normally there is enough to see in a circle of 20 miles from home ...

On the other hand I take every opportunity on longer tours, often avoiding highways and driving though the country side - results can be seen in my next topic to be created right now in this forum ...

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Try to stay in a 10 mile radius, so it might happen that i drive 50 or 60 miles in that 10 mile radius when there is a lot off farming action going on covering all the roads in the area.

Have my camera in the car most off the time, so some times i am lucky and i can make a few pick's on my way back from work.


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I don't have the time to go chasing things (especially being away most of the week, I have to catch up at home on the weekends), but try and get things while en route. There's plenty of action just locally - IF I'm lucky

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A bicycle is useful as I have just driven past the most cracking view of a Lexion unloading but couldn't stop because of the traffic ! Then again, I did cover 15miles in an hour and had time to wait for combines to return down the field to collect a few more shots for the album....

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