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Does anyone know when the East kent ploughing match is

Mike R

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We have had probs finding were it is. Most ploughing matches send you the ploughing form to fill in every year once you have been there once. The east kent doesnt, you have to ring them and get them to send it witch we think its a bit lazy of them because the ploughing is what makes the match and some people forget to ring up every year like we did this. Dad is going to ring them tommrow for a definate location  ;):)

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Well a very good day, got 2 free brigstone hats (6.99ish each) for pulling there van out with the landy, all i did was attach the tow rope and i got one and so did Dad :D Also got 2 massey key rings free. There was a nice doe triple d there too

Sorry no pics as battery was flat on the camra :-[

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