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Night time maneoveurs with a Lexion 560...


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These are great pics - for some reason combining never went on too late when i lived at Bagley, mostly until about 9pm - marshy area so I suppose the dew must have come down quite quick...though I can remember when the Laverda M132 (no cab) was out till late, getting on for 11pm - but the owners of it were nicknamed the Midnight farmers.

When Suckleys were renting the big fields by us though they came in to lift the spuds one night about 10pm and were gone the next morning!  They did everything on a big scale though, their manure spreader was a converted lorry which flung the muck around at about 40mph!

(More like 'Night time rambling' from Joe here :-\)

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These guys were running 'til 2.00am for a few nights this week - the dust was still flying when I was there about midnight so dew was not a problem then but the soil hereabouts is very light and sandy so I guess that helped.

I put a few night time photo tips in another thread - http://www.farmtoysforum.com/forum/index.php?topic=23559.msg457398#msg457398 - which might help!  ;)

Give it a go and lets see your results!


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