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Bale trailer supports

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I'm trying to secure small rectangular bales to my blue flatbed trailer. How does everyone hold together a large number on any trailer? (short of gluing a huge bundle together!).

Is there a good match for farm twine or rope?

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If you want the ropes on it to add effect pull one or two strands of a teather rope an glue or tie it on-if your really gd you could do a slip know to!!

Hmm, I don't think I'm that good, perhaps too cack-handed to fiddle with miniscule straps and fibres! But some ideas for the future, thanks Stewart

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Using Gavin's bale arrangements, I'm pondering what formation works best for my large blue bale trailer.

Ideally it would be two lines of five flat-8's, but it's slightly complicated by the presence of two large 'wooden' supports at either end! I like to display my models as they arrive from the box, but clearly they hadn't given much consideration to Britains bale (round or rectangular) dimensions when they made it.

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