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Was out around 9am for my early morning 3 mile walk and heard in the distance a combine. In the distance i saw a John deere so i had to deviate fro the normal route and have a nosey.

It was a JD 2256 W reg with a 18 foot cut





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At this point in time I was in the field and the operator beckoned me over and asked if I wanted to hop on board. Well it must have been 30 odd years since I was on a combine so he didn't have to ask me twice ;D ;D






An enjoyable time and on the way home I deviated and spotted this Farmall whicjh needs closer scrutiny


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nice pics, did you have fun on that one as well.....two trips on combines....lucky person! :D :D

Yes it was something different Ben and really enjoyable. Only had the one breakdown and that was a rivet shearing on one of the trinagular blades. That was quicly remedied by the operator with a small nut and bolt and we were back on the road again. I was renamed from "tractor Bill" to "combine Bill" for the month of August ;D ;D

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nice clean looking combines ;)

Yes the farmer operates 1,000 plus acres and has some tidy gear. This particular operator has been with him for 18 years. The chap who drove the JD previously had been nearly 30 years before he left for health reasons. Can't be a bad farmer to work for ;D ;D

I was disappointed I did not manage to get more shots of the Deutz since there are not too many of these going around in Aberdeenshire.

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Great pics Bill........Not often you see a Topliner around here eh........ :) :)

Thanks Martin... no certainly not many up my way and I'm kicking myself I didn't get more closer shots of it. Speaking to the chap on the JD he said the Deutz replaced another JD this year. Mind you they have 1,000 acres plus so I may well see the Topliner in my travels yet ;) ;)

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Forget the Deere that Topliner is lovely....... :P

I know Colm and I was disappointed I did not get more shots but the ride on the JD was too too tempting for me ;D ;D Don't dispair they may not be finished yet and I might cath her yet ;) ;)

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