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just a few East Yorkshire harvesting pics


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Remember the good weather last week ?

I caught this NH CX at about 9:30pm just packing up (on my way home form Anglesey)

The friendly chap with his NH T7040 said they were about 17% moisture, which must be relatively good considering the weather. I haven't had much success with night-time shots (yet)



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A Case combining over the road was hidden behind a huge hedge and the next couple of fields were getting baled but too far away, but at least on the opposite side of the road some ploughing was worth watching (JD6620)


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and another shot....then the last find that day was another big NH which had just finished a field (right next to the Westwood, which the locals will know) but this one is unusual as it is the first time I've seen a Deutz in this area



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Last Saturday I scived off for an hour ( a detour on the way home from Morrisons !) to see what was about....a Lexion and couple of tractors would have made brilliant shots if I could have stopped the car in traffic, but this Dominator was next...



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Thanks for the nice comments. Not up to the standard of last years though !

I reckon that in that last fine week they must have done a major chunk of the total harvest round here.

I counted up the fields on the way to work on Monday morning and approx 25% still need to be harvested...and none of them had been done by Friday, and unlikely to be for another week yet after the rain we've had/still having !

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Drivers have stopped an asked what I've been up to before, suspicious that I maybe from the Council or Green activist or whatever, but are usually only too happy to chat and explain a bit of what they are doing when they find out I'm genuinely interested.

This chap was just plain Grumpy  (hope he's not a FTF-er !).

Not a lot of change around here when I got back late today but a couple of local combines were working.

I have some nice ones to put up from last year still (after a trip to the Lake District for the w/e)

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