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PISTOLS holiday on the farm 2008

pistol pete

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Well have just been home for a couple of weeks with the wife and the kids. while home i managed a few days helping on the farm would have like more but the weather was not in my favour. the first thing i did was carting rape, i normal cart it straight to the granary but with the cost of fuel we actual made more money with it being picked up. had the 6820 to start with as both tractors were getting serviced and the 6820 was ready. a picture of the the yoke


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That's my kind of holiday - working!!  :D Nice machines you had a go on. The TX looks tidy, what year is she do you know?

YE she is on an L plate we have had her about 4 years now.

That is one ell of a holiday pete, that is going to be my next one, a working one

The wife gets a bit annoyed with me when i go to the farm but i just give her the bank card that normal helps.

great equipment you are working with in your free time.


a bit spolt i know good machinery for a small farm
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A pic of the inside of the 6830

Now if that was owned by a dairy farmer; it would be covered with straw, sh1t an' string. Isn't it strange how many stock farmers have little regard, sympathy or understanding for anything mechanical. It's great to see a cab interior looking like that. When air con became popular, most drivers had the air con on full blast with the windows wide open so the air filters blocked and the cab filled up with dust. That's another good thing........at last air con is being used properly. Trying to educate drivers years ago was really hard work at times, there were some really stubborn sods out there.  :)
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no that is one thing that it took me ages to get everybody that drives the tractors to do KEEP THEM CLEAN.

Now all the machinery is kept clean and tidy pay's as well. when we sold the 6410 the guys that bought it couldn't believe how clean it was. kept the price up to.

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