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Combining at border hole friockheim angus

pistol pete

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while at home i visted my mate while they were cutting near my house. he was on his 7530 as his 8530 was set up with their plough. it is only a seven furrow which he is a bit disapointed as our other mate has just got a 10 for his 8530. the combine and 7530 in the distance


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the 6820 on the baler had to pull the 7530 on to a bit of solid ground as the wieght of the trailer  was like an anchor. the ground was really soft. it was supposed to be a lexion 580 but my mate said it might be a 600 now.

oh i see sorry i didnt really understand what had happened you will have to make sure you get down their next year then and get some pictures of the new combine  :D :D :D

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Ooow an NH on tracks, now there is a rarity. Not many of them around. Any reason for the change in brand as regards to the combine change? Looks like they run some nice gear that's for sure. 8)

ye  they have a lot of new kit the tractor fleet is 8530 7930(awaiting delivery) 8310,7530 and 3 6830 then a loadall and a couple of froklifts a case selfpropeled sprayer and the combine.
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