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Lady Ferguson


Can anyone suggest the best way of constructing an iced-over pond for a farm layout? Was thinking of painting a blue(ish) base and then using that resin that model railway guys use for water - but any suggestions would be most welcome.

PS (not sure this is in the right topic - so please move it if not :))

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How about wood glue or pva ?

I reckon that you should paint the pond  base a mix of brown and green, lightening as you move outwards to give it a sensation of depth, then put some rocks, plants, an old boot... anything is possible. You then pour the pva on. Once that is dry, you could make some cracks and drybrush a tiny bit of white paint around them.

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Post a pic up of the sort of pond or ice  you are looking for and then we can see what ideas we can come up with.Its suprising how things change when you are looking at them on your screen

Thanks Brian - it's actually a friend who's asked and I said I ask the 'Fountain of all Knowledge' (aka FTF)  :)

I think they'll be putting Barclay lead ice skaters on it.

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