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NORMAC 2008 - A few pictures


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Today I went to the NORMAC event near Thetford here in Norfolk, mainly to go plough shopping, and met up with Pingu and another mutual friend of ours there. Thought I'd get a few pics to share with the rest of you, very light sandy soil so no problems with it being too wet there. If anyone else who went wishes to add pictures then feel free






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Good line up of machinery, Gav - thanks for the photos. Ol would like that ground - seagull's footprints!

What plough is it to be then?

Cheers John

I'm actually favouring a Dowdeswell, Rabe is ruled out on price I would imagine but the Overum is a strong contender as well. Dowdeswell would be nice though as I like the twin shin idea on the front of the mouldboard so you can change the bit of the board that wears the most. Prices given to me today vary between £14.5k up to £17.5k after discount for a 5 furrow manual vari-width with rear discs and a press arm :o

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Yes it is Martin, considering it is was a 4 furrow it must have been heavy as it was lifting the nose of the Fastrac up on the headlands despite it having a set of weights up there....must have improved the build quality on them :-X :-X :D

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