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If its KILCONQUHAR , Leven in Fife you are coming to then Nigel google tells me Inverness is 142 miles away ;) ;)

I'll try and get some photos for you of the Daviot show which I'm hoping will be a good event as it is a working day. If it really good I'll even contemplate hauling my working cub up there for a play next year ;D ;D

I don't know if you will be tractor spotting around the Leven area but there is an excellent private museum belonging to David and Joyce Symington of Strathkinness near St Andrews. They were featured in Tractor and machinery magazine ( I think it was that magazine ) last month or maybe it was this month.

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Well yesterday morning I set off at 6 am to go to the event close to Inverness. I choose to take the scenic route the Coxk Bridge to Tomintoul route and over past the Lecht Ski resort. No wonder that road get closed with snow with those gradients. I certainly would not liked to have a Farmall behind me ;) ;)

It was a lovely run up apart from close encounters with three sets of roe deer, a bunch of ducks and hundreds of sheep raoming over the roads ;D ;D. Anyway I arrived at 8.30 and was the first spectator and got in FOC since there was no one on the gates.... a real Aberdonian me ;D ;D

Anyway on with the show

Some trade stands

Groundwaters : Manitous


Highland Tractors : An MF dealer with a rather "orangy" looking MF 6480


A collection of cast iron seats



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Six Counties travelled from Aberdeenshire with the Scottish County Tractor Club

1979 1174 County & Ransomes 4F reversible owned by Stewart's Trailers


1977 1174 County & ransomes 4f reversible from Charlie Gray the Chairman


County 1174 & Discs


1974 County 944 & Sellars 4F conventional plough


1973 County 1164 & Ransomes 3F conventional plough


1970 County & Ransomes 4F conventional plough



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1960 MF & Ferguson post borer


Small "Whitlock" I think... no details I'm afraid


A 1975 International 1046 ( 108 HP )


An unrestored Massey Pony.... no details


1963 IH 414 & cultivator


A early MG 2 ( tell buy year "wheels" ). Bumper colour is wrong and the exhaust lacks the fish tail but other than that not a bad restoration in my opinion ;D ;D


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Not very many commercials but the theme was a working day

A 1953 Morris Z van Post Office telephones


In the back


A Leyland... no details


1952 Albion Chieftan


Fairground Organ mounted on a Bedford


One for Martin a MacBraynes 20 seater Bedford bus


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Nore on the ploughing

1941 Oliver 80 & Ransomes plough





1952 MH Pony 812 with a 2 way plough.

A bid bendy so could have done with JDC's warning sign's here ;D ;D

It may have been the mans first attempt so i should not be so critical


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Great pictures Bill, love the County's :) thanks for taking the time to take them and post them on here :)

Yes the County's were an imprsssive site to see  Mark ;) ;). They will be holding a woking day event approx 12 miles from me shortly at BA Stores the place we have our local working day in May every year. In the past they have made it a members only working day and not a public event but I will see if I can worm my way into it if I'm free that day or weekend

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nice pics do you know the date for next years show

I'm glad you enjoyed. I'm sure there will be another show around about the same time next year. If you want PM early next year and i will make enquiries. Are you planning visiting the show ??? ???

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