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potato harvesting with Massey boy

Massey Boy

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well they started harvesting the spuds what i took pictures of when they planted them

1.the NH TM120 and this was the newest grimme havester they have 5 havesters now yesterday they got a brand new grimme

2.the JD6930 and the biggest of the root trailers they had flat beds with crates hauling two



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now on to the bit where i nearley got crushed by a trailer

i was following a same 130 with warwick trailer down to the next field the it went up a hill with me closley following on my push bike the driver slowed down to go over the speen hump and a load of dust fell off the trailer when it went over the hump so i pulled back at that moment there was two load bangs i looked up to to see the same moveing away from the trailer then the window got smashed bye a hose lucky the driver new what he was doing and pulled the tractor behined the trailer asap so it didnt roll back.

1. the back window

2.the break pipe and light cabel had came off and broke you can also see the hitch is up and the dent in the road



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Brillant pics mate.  Glad no one was hurt. Does look a tad wet :D

thanks mate yeah it good no one got hurt cause i hadnt taken any pictures before it happend

these were taken on sunday on monday it tippied it down all day on tuseday they done the field below you should of seen the tracks up across the feild and the road you could of ploughed there was so much mud

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Nice photos young chopper :-* love em kv diggers

thanks one of them is still up there if you want some more pics

Excellent Massey Boy. I do so like when people put narrative with their photos. In my opinion it makes a post so much more informative and interesting rather than just picture after picture.

thanks i think i much better two because you might not no what is happening and it just makes it better

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