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  1. Exactly, the implements they release now are rubbish and nowhere replicate the real machinery on the farm or fields either now or from years gone by - why are Britains not producing any real quality potato models such as potato diggers or harvesters or even destoners - -gonna have to pester the Design Team again about that - Britains should have produced the Ransomes elevator digger way back in the 70s or 80s when they were extremely popular on the tattie fields but they missed the boat then. They could begin that by first re-releasing their orange Superfaun potato harvester model.
  2. I have been in contact with Britains Design Team to request they re-release the Orange Potato Harvester, this time in a decent secure box and packaging...Also asked why Britains never bothered to scale the blue Ransomes two-row elevator potato digger..Have been assured that my suggestions etc have been forwarded to the Team. I can't believe no company tooled the Ransomes digger though as they were and still are extrtemely popular, particularly in the 1970s and 80s etc..if any one knows better about this blue Ransomes model please let me know ASAP, cheers.
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