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  • Our picks

    • Landini 6550 1/32, made out of a Massey Ferguson 1014 from ROS
      Hi all,


      As i've worked on dairy farms in my puberty an adolesence-time, i recall fine memories from working on a local farm using a Landini 6550 VeloxDrive.

      So, collecting scalemodels with which i have a certain affinity, there should simply be a model of that type Landini.

      But as you all probably know, there aren't that much scalemodels of Landini tractors.

      So that kind of leaves the only possibilty to try to make one yourselfs. For that reason i purchased a model made by ROS, a Massey Ferguson 1014, since these models look quite the same, in real life as on scale. That purchase may be some 15 years ago, but it always was there, in the back of my mind, that the day would arrive to start re-shaping it to the Landini 6550. In the mean time i'm about four weeks busy now, and the result is coming to what i want it to be.

      Time for some pictures now:

      First of all some pictures of the original model from ROS, the MF1014:


      Seems ther even was a collectors-set with a tracked-version, as shown above.


      Now, dis-assembling wasn't that hard to do, but there was still a lot to re-shape, so saw and hand-file were needed a lot. For instance i assembled and mounted a drawbar and hitch (European version) to make the model look more realistic, and no longer a toy.

      This is a picture i made from the frontpage of an original leaflet, which i collected bakc then, which shows the 1:1-version, almost like the one i've worked with:



      Next thing to do is to put the die-cast body and parts into the paint-remover. Back when i've worked in a trading company which imported and recovered tractors, i got to know the difference between the paint remover sold at lumberyards, and the professional version a simple consumer cannot get anywhere. Well, that made a hell of a lot difference.

      So, starting to work on the Landini-project, i dsicovered my stock was down to zero, and i had to visit a local car damage repair company, and ask them to sell me some new paint remover of professional quality. Simply because that does do the trick in minutes!

      Here's the result:
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    • The next build of tractors from my past, this time a Ford 4610. I've started this one a bit differently to normal by using an element of cast parts. I'm also going to  try and cast the bits as i go along as i fancy doing a Q cab version as well. Anyway, a start on the front bolster and a bit of a mock up of parts to get a feel for the build
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    • Made the shed a bit bigger
    • Nigel, many thanks for your kind comments I actually have Scaledown 27N tall Major and Eia diesel Major, which is painted a more accurate colour than that used on the model I use for exhibitions. When Chris Nevard took these photographs everything was done in something of a rush so I only used the models I had to hand at the time. I have exhibited Two Sisters on well over 60 times mainly at model railway shows and the tractors always create a lot of interest with the viewers, oddly enough mostly the ladies. Kind regards Peter M
    • Hello Peter,' been fascinated by all these images with the detail. The earlier blue 'N's had a water washer air cleaner (as opposed to the oil bath type here)and slightly different cylinder head models of which we do in the SCALEdown range as also the tall major mentioned in the next image. Best regards, Nigel.
    • This diesel is a figment of my imagination it consists of a yard switcher chassis and motor. The left hand end is the radiator from a yard switcher and the right hand end is from a road switcher The engine a four cylinder Gardener diesel, is in the left hand end and a drive shaft runs through the centre to the right hand end which powers a generator which then powers the traction motors and also acts as a mobile generator out in the fields. All total fiction of course but I hope believable. Peter M
    • The Fordson E1A Power Major was introduced in 1958 and was diesel powered and was more powerful than the old tall Major that it replaced. I personally prefer the tall Major because as a child my cousin would come home to lunch and let me sit of the seat of his TVO Major as it was ticking over during his lunch break. Peter M
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