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Landini 6550 1/32, made out of a Massey Ferguson 1014 from ROS
Hi all,


As i've worked on dairy farms in my puberty an adolesence-time, i recall fine memories from working on a local farm using a Landini 6550 VeloxDrive.

So, collecting scalemodels with which i have a certain affinity, there should simply be a model of that type Landini.

But as you all probably know, there aren't that much scalemodels of Landini tractors.

So that kind of leaves the only possibilty to try to make one yourselfs. For that reason i purchased a model made by ROS, a Massey Ferguson 1014, since these models look quite the same, in real life as on scale. That purchase may be some 15 years ago, but it always was there, in the back of my mind, that the day would arrive to start re-shaping it to the Landini 6550. In the mean time i'm about four weeks busy now, and the result is coming to what i want it to be.

Time for some pictures now:

First of all some pictures of the original model from ROS, the MF1014:


Seems ther even was a collectors-set with a tracked-version, as shown above.


Now, dis-assembling wasn't that hard to do, but there was still a lot to re-shape, so saw and hand-file were needed a lot. For instance i assembled and mounted a drawbar and hitch (European version) to make the model look more realistic, and no longer a toy.

This is a picture i made from the frontpage of an original leaflet, which i collected bakc then, which shows the 1:1-version, almost like the one i've worked with:



Next thing to do is to put the die-cast body and parts into the paint-remover. Back when i've worked in a trading company which imported and recovered tractors, i got to know the difference between the paint remover sold at lumberyards, and the professional version a simple consumer cannot get anywhere. Well, that made a hell of a lot difference.

So, starting to work on the Landini-project, i dsicovered my stock was down to zero, and i had to visit a local car damage repair company, and ask them to sell me some new paint remover of professional quality. Simply because that does do the trick in minutes!

Here's the result:
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The next build of tractors from my past, this time a Ford 4610. I've started this one a bit differently to normal by using an element of cast parts. I'm also going to  try and cast the bits as i go along as i fancy doing a Q cab version as well. Anyway, a start on the front bolster and a bit of a mock up of parts to get a feel for the build
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leyland 802
i have allways wanted a yellow leyland,so finally im getting round to it,this will not be in 884 johns league,im kopping out by using the uh 1494's chassis,which is inacurate,looks wise and size but i can live with the extra length as its only 3 mm difference,i will be using the cases cab and floorpan,rear wheels are robbed from a uh ford 5000,not sure yet on the ford tyres or the cases tyres for the rear,front tyres look to big,so i will see if there is another alternative,a big thankyou allready to 884john,valley axe man and Sean for info,all i have done so far is loosely offered up the rear wheels to the case 1494,i can source the yellow paint but only in a tin,i would like an aerosol,Sean has helped me out there,and John and Paul have given me loads of info to help me
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Plaishford Farm
As a continuation from Coppice acre, I have started work completely changing my diorama so I thought it needed a new name and thread. Plaishford farm is based on local farms around me in in the south, I’m hoping to keep it looking traditional and as English as possible.It is work in progress at the moment but I have got a bit more done since the last post. 4 Backscenes down Ive finally found the right one that seems to fit. I decided to use polystyrene as a base to calve into and build areas up. After a bit of trial and error used woodland scenics Medium, light and conifer green  fluff With seafoam as, even though it’s not cheap, the colours seem to be correct compared to the cheaper stuff, which came across blue and just didn’t look right. I found a guide on modelling foliage which was really helpful and Shows to what plants are around at certain times of year. I have set Plaishford in may-June time. I also had a go with woodland scenics realistic water to make the stream and ford, Its lot glossier than stuff I’ve used before but seems to creep up the sides 

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MF 590 2wd
Been going at this for a while,would any members give there opinion on my 590 I have cut down to 2wd something doesn't look right to me but I'm sure ive done all the cutting required,cut off the 4wd prop shaft underneath also along with bonnet and front of chassis to remount the new axleMaybe its the ford blue axle making it look odd,any help please.
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John Deere 730
Hi Ok so as the matbro draws to completion time to look for the next project. Another childhood memory from back home on the island, below are photos my dad fortunately took for me as a kid! Luckily a square on side and front view, however could still do with a bit of assistance. 

Does anyone please have any material that may help me dimensionally, I don’t have a brochure to hand here. 

any help much appreciated! 
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Roadless Ploughmaster 78K / 118S
Another couple of builds that I've been meaning to do for a while, a pair of 4 pot and  6 pot ploughmasters. The 78 will be based on the Ford 6600, the 118 on the later 10 series. I've made a start on the cabs, just wondering why some have Windows with round corners and others are angular?
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Martins New Holland 641 and 651 muck spreaders.
Hello all after a long break I'm back at the models, I hope you all had a good Christmas and new year.

I'm just poking about with a few of Martin's outstanding orders. Making good progress on the 641 barrel spreader. Such an intricate build ! Heres some pics from the brochure and my progress pics... I've never attempted a barrel spreader before from scratch, well non that I can remember anyway

I just need to fab up an opening latch system similar ones fitted to my Howard conversions, realistic rotor and as for main parts that's it. Other than that I will just fill in the gaps with the finer details and itll be ready for paint. 
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Another that slipped the forum from last year! After my first attempt at a claas jaguar 75 I was keen to make this one better. A friend of mine and fellow collector was keen to get his hands on a 75E so I agreed to build it him. Completely underestimated the labour as this is 100% handmade. His budget didnt allow it to be as detailed as I wanted it but still crammed allot in looking back, and it all actually moved the drawbar and spout etc. Anyway here it is... I will definitely make another as there was parts I wasnt 100% happy with. But then again I am very critical of my own work if I'm being honest,  overall it looks good and I was fairly pleased so I cant complain. 
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Scaledown Leyland 384 build

Got it to the painting stage.
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John Deere 6830 & Hydrocut G-rahf Hedge Cutter / tabmodels
I've been asked to build three of these beasts with fully working arms. Owned and operated by Agriplant Ltd, they run a fleet of five extensively modified Hydrocut G-rahfs with Bomford flail heads. They are celebrating their 50th anniversary with three of these models, so, no pressure  Starting with three Siku John Deere 6920s models (one of these being radio controlled!) they will be converted to 6830 premiums and fitted with scratch built G-rahfs.

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I've been asked to build three of these beasts with fully working arms. Owned and operated by Agriplant Ltd, they run a fleet of five extensively modified Hydrocut G-rahfs with Bomford flail heads. They are celebrating their 50th anniversary with three of these models, so, no pressure  Starting with three Siku John Deere 6920s models (one of these being radio controlled!) they will be converted to 6830 premiums and fitted with scratch built G-rahfs.

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John Deere 8400 Euro Modified ERTL Precision
Hi, Im new here in the forum and now i show my last tractor.

Its a John Deere 8400 ertl precision based and modified to euro version.

Hope you like it.

Regards, Miguel.

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Leyland 282 Synchros / tabmodels
I've been asked to build this for a Leyland enthusiast who at first wanted to convert it from a completed Scaledown Leyland 270. Realising the work involved with stripping back the model, building and repainting, I decided to use some key parts and build it from scratch. It will feature floatation front tyres.
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1/32 ERF B series County Tractors Low loader
I recently had the pleasure of building this model for John (jmd).

Completely scratch built the build started with the cab, made from mountboard and cereal card. There was two main things that proved challenging, the grill contained loads of really small strips that all needed gluing in place while running in line. The other was the windscreen, which has large curves at both end, this was done by creating the shape in Mount board, heating a sheet of clear plastic and bending it around the former.
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Grouse Knowl Fold
As those who were at the Penrith show will have seen Ive recently started a new diorama. My main aim is to achieve a model railway standard of realism over an entire diorama. The plan is a hill farm of largely and some pedigree beef cattle. I currently have ideas that will easily spread out over a 12x4ft area. For now though I have focused on a handling yard, unhappy with the last two attempts I've made at them. 

I will try to explain the process in making most of the bits and pieces, as I was rushing to finish this part for the show I didn't take step by step photos of each process but those that I've missed will be repeated in other areas of the farm and guides made then.

For now here is the handling yard, right in the swing of summer as shearing takes place.
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Ford 6600 (Schindler axle) / tabmodels
I've been asked to build a Ford 6600 with Schindler front axle, one of many four wheel drive axles utilised by ford before the ZF came along. This is a rare and unique conversion distinguished by it's plain wheel centres and 'nose up' attitude due to the bulky differential being directly below the tombstone.
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New Holland 2405
After finding out about the Emmanuel S kit, this was a build that I've been wanting to undertake for a while, but with my own personal touch. i also decided to share some pictures of the build, rather than just the finished model. I'm planning on fitting it with artisan rims and tires all round, with a detachable pick up reel header. I also hope to fit the reel with a full set of pickup tines and auger fingers during the build. Currently I don't know if I'm going to install the counter weights on the back of the harvester and i would like to hear your suggestions on this. Heres some pictures of the build so far. hopefully i will have this in the cabinet beside my MAP john deere 5830


Rear bonnet test fit after making plastistruct cross members and grill brace

Rear axle mocked up to make and test fit the brass tie rod 

Side panel Fitment mockup with floorpan

Cab,blower and feed roller mockup

Header, grab rails and cab interior set into place

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Danish model show
In the weekend the Danish MOELTRAKTORKLUBBEN had the first show in 2018,  i showed up with a handful of my models for first time since my blood clot in 2016
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Henton 12 ton trailer
So I’ve been flat out with orders this week. Today I gave some time to this 1 of 2 henton trailers I’m building for a chap. Some brass in there really weighted it up. And made great braces everything feels very solid. But in fairness not that much stronger than styrene and weld ! I Got the rear door fully working just need to connect it up to the chassis which does have a working ram I just took it out as I will be applying some paint tonight hopefully. Excuse the letters and scetches on the styrene it’s just for reference as it’s the first one I’ve built. I’m hoping to make a near exact copy for the next one. 
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1/32 New Holland 8070 combine
Just finished custom building the giodi NH 8070 ready for France. 
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Britians MF 760 re-build
This is my first attempt at a conversion/update/rebuild so just taking it one step at a time and trying to make it look like a few photo's I found online  

Would be pleased to have input from people more knowledgeable than me on possible further upgrade I could try to carry out
It is still a work in progress  

So far I have changed the wheel for Siku items (front hub detail inserts still to be re-fitted).

Modified a Siku steering axle to give the correct track and more realistic steering

Started work on changing header to a top pivot and next up is to make some rams to fit onto the removed lower pivot brackets, and to make the header removable.

still need to repair/replace the exhaust and make a new front grill and headlight arrangement, and may fill the cracks in the body. Will also try to make an attempt at a grain bin fitment, and to fit some cab glazing. If I can find MF red paint and new decals will give it a spray up
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JCB 3CX Sitemaster
Another build that I started a few years ago and then came to a standstill, so I thought in between doing the other two tractors I would crack on with this as well ( I do get bored easily and like a change). Anyway, progress so far, wheels are just popped underneath to give an idea of proportions :
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Fergusons T20 /30s etc (pre Massey)
Advanced Products,  USA made this 1/12th Scale late 1940s
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Case 1394
Another one from my past, thought I'd make a start on a Case 1394, a tractor that I spent many many hours driving as a young lad. This one will probably be magpie, but I haven't ruled out it sporting the red and black Case IH livery yet Anyway, engine and bonnet underway:
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