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  1. http://www.cowanbros.co.uk/stockdetails.php?sid=102 just happened to spot this she ticks all the boxes ;)
  2. i cant speak for any other make but i know we had to spend £2000 on the gearbox our '98 nh 7840 sle, stripped 3 gears and 2 cogs, some shaft near the borrom of the gearbox fell outof place and the gears wernt meshing correctly, and we also had to re-do the gearbox of an '00 ts110 sle which also went both tractors had between 5-6000hrs at the time, all our neighbours who have similar new hollands ahve also had to spend money on the gearbox's other than that the 40 series seemed to be more or less bomb proof i know of a 7740 sl dual power with 19,000 hours never touched!
  3. anyone noticed on that picture of the moddeled tractor of the 7810 it is a force 3? \
  4. great pictures thanks for posting
  5. for a real machine or a model?
  6. what are you trying to sugest here? the real ones are selling like hot cakes the countrys full of them must be something good about them!!! less of the smartness please
  7. great pictures there thanks for posting
  8. tidy looking weapon sir get her bought
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