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That looks like a big project Alex and it looks great. I wondered if the Precision would be too big as compared to regular Britain it is a bit bigger. However, it looks great.

Can I come to Italy and live with you?! :D :D

In my area (Verona, North Est Italy) you can see a lot of open and longer field and in them a lot of.... Fendt 800/900 serie (a black beauty too :P)Deere 7000/8000/8000T 10-20-30 series and a 9400T, Case IH Magnum, New Holland G, TG, T8000 and Challenger MT700/800.  ::):o:-*

NH CX & CR, Laverda M, JD CTS & STS, Claas Lexion 530/570/580 and some 600 combines and a lot of Claas Jaguar (also some new 980 :o) and Krone BigX V8/V12 selfpropelled forage harvesters.  ::)

Only 50 kilometers "on sud" and you can find some STX Quadtrac!!!  :o

Adn in your area Deere-est?  ???

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Very similar Alex. We have some big contractors and big farms in Wiltshire and surrounding counties.

50km radius of my house there are

5 Quadtracs


Lexion up to 600

Jaguar up to 950

NH CR and CX

36m sprayers

Lots of JD and Fendt

Lots of CNH, MF etc.

Simba, Vaderstad, Gregoire, Kvernland.

Also lots of smaller nice machines on 100ha - 400ha farms too. Some nice English names too, Richard Western, Knight, Lynx, Bailey, Dowdeswell. :)

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