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The adventers of whitehall farm snargate


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Well i havent go a layout but i can pretend i have ;D May be starting one in the loft but anyway, my carpet farming has always been white hall farm (the sitting room stall as a barn and my tv stand as another barn in my bed room :D

It was time to start ploughing  so Markey trundeld of to medow feild a very low lying wet feild ;D:D

It wasnt long before Markey go in to a spot of trouble so he called Barry for help


Barry got a bit inthusiastic and ended up in the ditch


Barry: " Why did you bring that pile of rubbish ploughing Markey now you have made me put the newholland in the ditch"

Mark: "Why didnt you bring a Massey to pull me out that wouldnt have gone in the ditch, or did you lose concentration because you were looking in the at  that new look of yours"

After a long agument they decided that they would have to call simon.

Simon arrived and hitched up to Markey and pulled him out no problem


Then he pulled Barry out as well


The moral of the story is "Go Green" :D :D :D

Sorry about the rubbish pics :D

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