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Muck Spreader

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Maybe try and rust it up a bit, throw some muck in it make it look reliastic, or do what seems popular at the moment, wreck and smash it up a bit, put some foliage over the top and leave it at the side of a field on a diorama?

But anything can be done really, decals, new wheels? Up to you really, depending on what manafacturers you like etc i guess?

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Definately think im goin to have to put a box on the front with a pto coming out and maybe some black wires for the automatic door. My real problem is the wheels. The ones on it just look too big for it. Like the idea of the the muck, would i just glue some sprinkles of it on. Its a Bauer Tanker, the one that had the injector system on the back.think ill hav to try another one if i can get another one of the tankers handy enough. Du think there would be much interest in them. Alot of improvement would be needed

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