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air brushing the big question



i  would like  to ask  would  air  brushing  say my  universal  models be  tractors or implements making them  more realistic for  my  working  layout would it de value  the  models  if  i  had  to sell them not that i would  ..... ....It was just  at  lake land  show  the  topic  came up  and  said  i  would put it to the  forum  for  disscussion

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I think general rule of thumb.... anything taking them away from factory finish will devalue them.

In the case of Britains models however, anything taking them away from factory will improve them no end  ;):D :D.

If you weather them up for your own use you'll no doubt get infintely more pleasure from them but unless you start up as a professional doing weathering and gain a following who will pay a premium for your work, ultimately you're going to knock the value.

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. . . . or it could be described as customising and therefore ebay could bring in bids which could inflate the value ;)

That's one advantage of the view from down there.... it's different... ;):D

I fully grasp your point, but I wouldn't like to count on the value rising without playing it a little bit clever.... keep the boxes pristine for if you have to sell, get some little labels made up which you can number and sign and all of a sudden they're a limited edition and you're the next Manfred Weise.... well, almost... ;)

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