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Gilles sugar beet charger/loader

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aquired this one during one of my latest tours in Belgium.

First I was quite impressed of this modell, as I love the Gilles brand (www.gilles-sa.be) and therefore easily spent more than 100 Euro for this miniature.

But once at home; I find this modell somehow lacking something and it looks a little bit like cut out of paper pieces.

What do you think.

It is not meant as criticism on the builder who obviously did a great job, but somehow this modell does not fit in my collection of Britains, Siku, UH, Gavin's and Towse Traiding (plus a few own conversions). It is a completely different style. (also the cleaning turbine does not turn and the "elevators" are just a one-dimensional flat, single layer of kind of rubber belt. One good side, the unloading elevator can be folded for street transport and the "pick-up" lowers and raises, the main wheels turn of course, while on the bad side, the hitch looks a little bit too short and allows for a very wide turning circle only ...)

Or is it just the "after-first-enthusiasm" shock to find out you have spent to much money for you hobby once again?


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Looks like a good model, alot of work would have gone into that, I know what you mean about the deatil shock, guess it costs so much as all the work that went into it, i agree it could do with some more smaller details like pipes and just small things but looks like a good model over all

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