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John Deere 6810

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I started a new conversion, I started with a JD 6810 from Julian Lemmens. I'm currently adding some details and I want to fit a realistic front and rear hitch. The rear hitch will be exchangable with a modified Siku one!





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WOW that looks like the really thing  :o:)

i got on at the farm i work at

Me too ;D Here she is after a good cleaning! I guess you wouldn't say she has done almost 6000 hours! ;D



wow class would look even better with wide back mudguard extensions. :o

Was already thinking of that mate, but thanks! ;)

Here some pics of it fitted.




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No Pete, you could get 5 different gearboxes on the 6010 series.


PowrQuad Plus


Autoquad 2, that's what this tractors got. Basically powrquad plus but it can shift on it's own!

and for a limited time Autopowr

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PowrQuad Plus



Powershift was very rare on 6010 series tractors because it takes a lot of power to drive it.

Basically, one of the best tractors ever made, 10 serries I mean.

And yes, colour change, Bright red / orange to a lighter yellow like you have  ;) ;)

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