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JF FCT 900


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I have just completed this JF FCT 900 and i am selling it..It is fitted with extension chute,barrell and puh...This is the last of a batch of 5 JF,s that im currently completing,the other 4 are ordered and this will be the last 900 i will have for sale...Anyone interested please pm me for full details.Thanks



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In the middle of doing up the cv.Not been a great Jan with my wife made redundant 2 wks ago and all these models being launched.I'm always the optimist and something will turn up.Its times like this that friends rally around and dont want to sound cheesy but we are all healthy and there are people out there with alot more problems


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sorry to hear that man...its hard times finding a way to get by let alone save.....what a change from 5-10 years back....i spent 18 years in construction and havent been at it now in 2.5 years cause of the appalling rates for tradesmen,i had a cut off point regards rates and once they went below that i left rather than work for nothing...and everything else has gone up so much,petrol £1.30 a litre you really have to add up the fuel bill before considering a job.....the models filled a big hole for me but it takes something else along with it,takes everything thats going really....hope you have a turn of good luck soon

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its not easy is it..............local building supplies firm have cut back from a workforce of 12      to 2 over the last few years concentrating more on supply    are laying off another guy at the end of the month.......no work ............very little going on round our way except for the big farmers who managed to get grant funding to put up new dairy units and slurry stores.........my local blacksmith /fixit guys do a lot of work for one big farmer............their bill was over £30 000 before december started for their part of the job and they dont get a penny until its all finished !not many firms can lie out that sort of money nowadays.

Derv is £1.39 a litre here too .............terrible !

another great model by the way I`m sure the new owner will be very impressed

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