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UH MF 6475 & Loader


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good question...ive recently removed the brackets off mine as to be honest i cant see a loader being made seperately.....really beats me why they were there in the 1st place.....id guess they sent someone over to france to measure a tractor and he got sent to a tractor with loader brackets fitted not having a clue what they were......they,d be better with someone better educated in these fields as to be honest the more i look at this model the more dissappointed i get,the biggest error being that the tractor has only one door and has the wrong colour wheels....this alone has made the whole thing a disaster and it would mean adding and fixing these things or indeed fitting a whole new cab and floorpan from a donor....so if you can do these things yourself then you could get away with about an hours work or thereabouts but if you,d have to pay someone the whole proper 6475 model could end up costing around £75 by the time you take your 6475,donor model and time.......uh have only given us a 6475 that is half correct

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