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VMR Veenhuis tridem carrier, Finished!!!!!

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Last week i was very busy with the build of the VMR Veenhuis tridem carrier.

VMR is a Dutch machine builder of slurry tanks and systems and transport carrier's.

The chassis is almost finished now and the wheels are now just painted and Will be mounted today.

Also the fenders will be mounted on the chassis today.

The whole machine is a scatch build model based on a ROS Joskin chassis and a Siku Fortuna carrier hook.

The subframe, toppressure system, fenders, the backlicht fenders and the rear frame of the hook. are all scratch build.

Only need to put the last details on it and the carrier is ready for doing the job.

Time for some pictures, greetings from me.





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@ Deere-est; Nice carrier!!!

Here is the update for now, i painted the wheels and mounted them on the carrier.

Also made an low tyre pressure system on it.

I also have put the fender with the lights on the carrier and mounted the bachlights as well.

Here are the foto's, greetings:



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Just have make some progress on the carrier.

Made some mudguards, work lights, warning lights and added some stickers on the machine.

The pressure tanks ed. are done and are drying after painting.

These will be mounted this week.

The tractor is also under construction.

Conversed the back so the carrier will fit on the tractor.

Also a frontlinkage is made and painted.

This also will be mounted this week.

Time for pictures.






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And I'm a step further with the carrier.

The back, right side and between the chassis all details are mounted.

added an electricity box, hydraulic, air and pressure tanks on it.

Also made the air hoses and the PTO on it.

On the picture a preview with the JD 7530.






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Just finished, a lower version of the Siku Fortuna carrier.

Modified with a higher front, hand rail and hooks for the net.

At last some stickers

Sprayed in VMR Veenhuis yellow, and I've got a perfect fit container for my carrier.

Time for the foto's,..





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I finally finished the carrier.

I was waiting on some parts as the top pressure cylinder and the compressor pump.

Further made some mudguards in the front of the carrier and added the last hydraulic connections.

I hope you guys like her ;)

Here are the picture's, greetings from me.





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Incredible, the detailing you have added around the rear and the drawbar is excellent. I wish I had got some better photos of the one I used in Denmark. . ... you could have made me one!!!  :of

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