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Some of my conversions (2011) Jd's and some of 2010s tidyed up a little

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Needed to sprt out my tractors for a grain scene im planning on for the ploughing this year is a  6930  running on 38" rear wheels. Also got a second hand farmforce front linkage for the 6920 and got it fitted up for the front spray tank. Also stole a set of wheels of a britains JD binder for the 7530. Muddyed up the 3650 and bit of detailing and painting of wheels to make it look like its just out of a wet field. and the 2140s just in on one of its road runs. Think thats most the models i need now for a decent display, just need a couple more grain trailers and either a dominator or 8060 binder to make the display comlete, altho i do still have to make a start on the display. The display wont be entirely JD there will be a couple of other machins on it just not decided, but will more than likely be IH or case of varying ages and a valtra on the tanker






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